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July 30 2013


The Regency - The Best Among Five Star Hotels In Kuwait

The Luxury Regency Kuwait is the best choice when choosing among conference hotels in Kuwait for several reasons. One is that they were awarded as Kuwait’s leading conference hotel. This one speaks for businessmen all over the world. In addition, the Luxury Regency Kuwait was also the ordained winner of the Seven Star Global Luxury Award. These two, added with the efforts that they show their guests, Luxury Regency Kuwait is truly the premier among all the five star hotels in Kuwait.

Two backbones that five star hotels in Kuwait thrive in are business meetings and trips. This is especially true when Kuwait is one of the most economically developed cities in the world. No high end businessman or most of them, at least, will go to lower level hotels. This is the reason why hotels should keep to the standard. Unfortunately, conference hotels in Kuwait are not all the same. But one that stands out among the rest is the Luxury Regency Kuwait. Their claims are backed up with the many awards that they have garnered. That alone is mighty impressive.

To add to their world renowned amenities and services is the Executive Experience. It is the Luxury Regency Kuwait’s new offer to the businessmen who are on meeting and trips in the city. It is the best way to enjoy world class amenities while making sure that you get all your business done. In spite their refuted amenities; the Executive Experience is a notch higher than its usual services. This says a lot about their attitude towards improvement. What more can they offer that no other conference hotels in Kuwait can?

Well, the Executive Experience allows any executive to book their services ahead of time. This is in order to set-up everything that they need. But they are not limited to only the room. The Executive Experience assures anyone to have a business feel of the entire stay. They have a place where they can have quick discussions with other co-workers before the big day. And since it is a dining room, food is served as well. In addition, the television will show you different international channels for your news updates. Newspapers and magazines shall be sent to your room upon your request. Just remember to specify the publication you would love to be sent over. Their wireless internet connection is top notch and you are also provided with a secretary; someone who will be keeping track with your activities.

Your commute to and from the airport is never a problem again for a limousine will be waiting for you. In addition, it has a free Wi-Fi access, making it all the more convenient and the beverage and foods make it an overall experience.

Lastly, to make it more of a business trip, they also assure a 30 percent off when you avail of one of their Executive lounges. This will help make your presentation all the more possible. The room has state of the art technology that is the best among all five star hotels in Kuwait. You do not have anywhere else to go when in a business meeting. It is only at the Regency where you get your every need.

July 01 2013


Incredible Accommodation At The Regency

The Regency is the best place for the lost ones who are on vacation. You will have class and luxury packaged into one getaway. This makes them the best hotel in the whole of Kuwait. It is the only one in its class; incomparable to any hotel in the country.

The Regency
is a hotel that keeps you coming back for more. The view of the ocean that surrounds it as well as the view of the Arabian Gulf is something that cannot be compared. Once you enter its vicinity, you are in the best position to take a peek at it. But if that does not satisfy you and want something man-made, then you are in a lucky position to choose as well. When choosing a room, you are allowed to choose what you would like to see through your terrace. May it be the garden or the swimming pools; it is of your own discretion. It does not matter how many people you are with because they have you covered. With over 200 rooms available, they never run out of rooms for you to check-in to. But the lobby has a sight to behold. It allows you a front seat view of the waters that surround their building. It cools the mind while making you take in fresh air. You will also enjoy the sight with the people you are with while indulging in the freshest drinks that guests have been looking for - the High Tea. It is a trademark drink in their hotel and is one that should be tried.

Their rooms are complete with a 37 inch flat screen television with over 70 channels from local and international channels. They have complimentary high speed internet connection to make sure that their guests are kept in touch with the world that they may have left behind for the moment. Individualized temperature controls are also provided to make sure that their guests are always comfortable. Calling friends from all around the world is never a problem as well. They have telephones available in every room equipped with voice mail. Mini refrigerators are also available inside the room. It is stuffed with cool beverages that you may enjoy anytime of the day.

But The Regency is not limited to accommodating visitors of the city for a getaway. They are also able to accommodate huge events that no other hotels in Kuwait City can do. A fairytale ending to a fairytale story is what they will always aim for. Just settle the date and their team will handle the rest. Rest assured that what you are envisioning will happen.

Trust is something that they do not just give to other hotels in Kuwait City. In fact, The Regency was built on old values that the corporate world of the city can entrust its faith into. They never lack the facilities that will make their meetings and events dull. It will always be efficient and their equipments will always be the most modern for the convenience of those who need it.

June 04 2013


Find Out The Finest Hotel For Your Trip In Kuwait

The Arabian Gulf is a popular destination for tourists these days. This little explored and often closed area of the world provides everything a holidaymaker wants - hot climate, pristine beaches and beautiful clear waters. Nestled in the northern edge of the Gulf, Kuwait offers a range of hotels to welcome travellers from around the world offering both luxury and all the amenities you’ve come to expect from any holiday destination.

Experience a whole new world by choosing to stay at The Regency. This hotel in Kuwait has plenty of rooms for kids and grown-ups alike to do as much or as little as they choose. Take the time to relax and unwind in one of the 203 fairy-tale rooms or in one of the 50 exquisitely designed suites. What's more the hotel boasts finely crafted conference halls and meeting rooms for your social or corporate needs.

Grand Amenities For the Business Traveller

The Regency hotel in Kuwait provides business travellers with conference and banqueting facilities that stretch beyond 8,000sq m. Your corporate gathering will have everything necessary to be a huge success, including high speed WiFi and other state-of-the-art technology. Make no mistake about it, this hotel is the ultimate destination for your next summit, meeting, conference or other business related event.

You'll also appreciate the fully serviced business centre in the hotel's Executive Lounge. The lounge is designed to hold receptions and coffee breaks in addition to offering you a whole host of secretarial services that will make any event you are planning happen with absolute ease.

Keeps Pace with the Leisure Traveller

Do you have visions of an extraordinary vacation full of leisurely activities and fun? Then set your sites on The Regency because this hotel will offer you the most relaxing time of your life. The hotel gives you direct access to five unique fresh water swimming pools. They are complete with an infinity pool, a lap pool, a pool for the children with a leisure area and waterfall plunge pool, and an exclusive swimming pool for ladies.

The hotel plans to stretch the limits by opening a fully equipped fitness studio in early 2013 to bring greater enjoyment as well as enhance the wide range of bars and restaurants already established. One thing's for sure, your stay here will be a treasured one.

May 07 2013


Of Luxury and Utility: The Regency Kuwait

When pursuing options for hotels in Kuwait, you will doubtless be able to find a wide range of lodging options. However, if lavish accommodations and unrivaled service and excellence is what you seek, The Regency Kuwait is sure to impress. Be it the stately convention and business halls, the plush spa options, or the high capacity banquet rooms you come for, you will not leave disappointed. The Regency Kuwait is the pinnacle of luxury living at its finest.

Elaborate Entrance

Boasting 203 gorgeous rooms, including 50 luxurious suites, meeting areas and convention facilities to meet the requirements for any size event. Upon entering the hotel, you will be captivated by the lobby, which is entirely designed from carefully chosen marble, and by the sweeping ocean views. Other accommodations include 3 swimming pools, banquet facilities unlike any other, a beautiful retreat for ladies only, The Ladies' Lounge, High Tea offered every day from 5am to 8pm, and stunning guest rooms.

Luxurious Living On The Gulf

When staying at The Regency Kuwait, you may choose rooms that provide calming views of the exotic gardens, the pools, or the Arabian Gulf. From silk drapes to German down pillows, marble bathrooms to 650 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, comfort is clearly the focus.

Also included in each room is a digital safe, an LCD television no less than 37 inches in dimension, and scales. You will also enjoy free wireless Internet, electronic Do Not Disturb settings, maid service, and in-room dining if you choose.

Always be perfectly comfortable by utilizing the individual temperature control settings, and enjoy the beautiful marble bathrooms, boasting his and her vanities and mist-free mirrors.

Wash away the day in an exquisite marble bathroom, featuring his and her vanities, mist free mirrors, and, should you choose a suite stay, Jacuzzi tub options. Suites also come with the option of butler pantries.


If you like to swim or recline poolside, you will have no shortage of opportunities to do so at The Regency Kuwait. In fact, there are a total of 5 pools on the property; 3 of the pools are general purpose for all visitors and 2 are reserved for female guests only as they are part of the Ladies' Lounge. One of the three general use pools is an infinity pool, and another is a lap pool, so regardless of your swimming preference, you will find it here. Please note that the hotel complies with Sharia'a custom, and respectfully requests its visitors to don conservative swimwear. Visitors can also choose to visit one of the two secluded beaches on the hotel's property. Wellness and spa provisions are also available, and a fitness center is slated to open later this year.

Be it for business or pleasures, your stay at The Regency Kuwait will not leave you wanting for anything. With top quality business accommodations, luxurious spa and wellness options, and top quality room amenities, The Regency Kuwait is the top of the line in luxury living. The Regency Kuwait was also the proud recipient of the 2012 Certificate of Excellency award, which is given each year by tripadvisor.com, a highly regarded travel website. To book your stay at this prestigious hotel, or to learn more about the wide array of accommodations, please visit theregencykuwait.com.

Thank You For Visiting The Regency's Blog!

The Regency is well known across Kuwait as well as the entire Gulf region for its extensive conference and banqueting facilities amassing over 8,000sq m. More than a dozen of meeting rooms come with the newest technology including high speed wifi. The hotel’s flexibility indicates it's prized for large-scale weddings, advanced meetings and cultural events. Visit www.theregencykuwait.com for more info!
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